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March 2006



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Mar. 11th, 2006


The Old Spaghetti Factory

Tonight we (menor, mladyjade, retropixiechic, keepu, silver_pasiel, vstat, kinje, Hunter and I) all went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We waited 45 minutes for a table but were eventually seated. As soon as the salads showed up, menor had to leave to run home and work. He ended up missing dinner all together. Anyway, our waitress ROCKED!! She was very attentive, friendly, and fun. We ended up talking for a while with her. We got to know her fairly well. My the end of the meal, we had decided to ask for her email address, and to see if she was interested in hanging out with the group some time. It was obvious that she saw this request coming, because as soon as we asked, she said that she didn't check her email at all, but wondered if her phone number would do. SHE GAVE US HER PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!! mladyjade ended up giving her a short shoulder rub, and she was very grateful. She was tired and had worked a double, from what I had been able to gather. It was just a really great dinner. I think it was the highlight of my day.

On a side note, thank you again, mladyjade for hemming my pants. They look great!!!

Feb. 10th, 2006



Dan is out of surgery and home sleeping on the couch. Hopefully, he will be up for some dinner soon. It has been over 24 hours since he has eaten anything.

Feb. 1st, 2006


(no subject)

Well, it's official. I am a redhead again. Woo!?

Apr. 8th, 2004



Is it cheating to use the same paper in two different classes if the assignments are the same? And yes, I wrote the paper myself.

Mar. 21st, 2004


Work in Progress

OK guys, this new layout is still being worked on. I hope it looks good when I am done. Let me know what you think when it is finished. Thanks :)

Mar. 12th, 2004



Apparently, yesterday was my friend Allison's funeral. I didn't find out about it today. Allison was a stong person, who dealt with so much in her life. She was 17 and was looking forward to coming to St. Louis for a double lung transplant. She had Cystic Fibrosis. I know that none of you knew her, but I did. She was smart, funny, smart, positive, and exceptional in every way. I ask that all of you please say a prayer for her family and friends in this time of sorrow.
Hunter had just finished a few colourings to send her at the hospital. I was getting ready to mail them next week. I should have mailed them sooner. Maybe then she would have had one extra smile before she died. I am going to miss her.

Sep. 11th, 2003


Work in progress

Well, this journal is still being updated. Don't mind the ugly layout, it won't be here for long if all goes well.

Sep. 2nd, 2003


A person in need...

I saw this today and thought I should do what little I can to help. I do not know this woman, and while there is likely very little to nothing I can do to help, I can do this. Please save a prayer for her and her son.


Have a good day, all.

Aug. 20th, 2003


Setting up

This journal will be for poetry and my thoughts and feelings. Only friends will be able to post here. If you want onto my friends list, just ask. Be well.